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I bet they had a fabulous time. We haven't had our impromptu parties yet but we have heaps of ideas. I also am just keen to link up more with the families in our neighborhood through ideas like this. One thing we do though is 'Cupcakes and Milkshakes' play dates after school. I recently purchased a milkshake maker and we love to bake cupcakes here. This keeps things simple but really fun. Has Immy got into Hama beads yet? Get them from educational stores but cheaper at Ikea I usually put these out at our play dates. What a lovely party!

Love the pillowcase idea! My girls were once invited to a PJ Birthday party held at breakfast time! They all came in their PJ's ate panackes and played games I thought it was a lovely twist to your average party. How fun! Having an evening party is a great idea for little ones. Christie, what a fantastic idea and so well planned too. You are so right in wanting to make your home a welcome place for your girls' friends to feel comfortable in.

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I think young people these days have so much more pressure on them to conform than they did when my two were young way back then. Good luck for the future. I'm already thinking ahead to the teenage years and you make a good point. I love your evening pajama party idea. Looks like fun.

I'd like to do this with my girlfriends :. I have an old school friend, well two actually, and their houses were always the ones where we had our cool teenage hangouts. My parents always said no but thinking about it now, my friends' parents were really smart - have the girls hang out here rather than somewhere else. I loved those sleepovers. I hope to always well mostly say yes too. That both my children want to always hang out at home even with their old daggy parents :. I LOVE this pillow case idea, will definitely use for a birthday party or milestone event in the future.

Actually - I'm thinking our family reunion next summer would be perfect! A great piece of memorabilia for the cousins :- Thanks so much for sharing your creativity! Pyjama parties are a great idea for a get together with friends. My daughter has always loved getting her friends over for a sleep over, with lots of pj's, popcorn and movies. They are We use it at CWA for the kids to decorate library bags etc. Inspired idea with the pillow case coloring activity! I never thought or heard of that, and it worked perfectly with the party theme.

What I like best about those kinds of activities is kid's have a keepsake afterwards.

Great pictures! Great idea! Fliss is terrified at the very idea, especially as some scary things seem to have been happening recently. Kenny plans some spooky surprises but, suddenly, everything starts to get out-of-control… Join the Sleepover girls for their scariest night yet! Junie B. Jones Boss of Lunch. Barbara Park. Dustbin Baby. Jacqueline Wilson.

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