Need for Heat: A Complete Guide to Far-Infrared Saunas

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However, we will adjust the temperature in our private single sauna. During the Sauna How long to stay in a sauna depends on several factors. First, listen to your body and don't over do it. If you're new to using an infrared sauna, keep in mind that you typically don't start sweating until minutes into the session.

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If you start feeling faint, claustrophobic, or uncomfortable cut the session short or open the sauna door for a bit, or take a shower to cool off. As you get used to the sauna experience, you will be able to tolerate longer and longer stays.


An average sauna session is about 30 minutes long. Learn how and why to use a sauna so…. Saunas are popular in Scandinavia, and they may even have some health benefits. But is it possible to lose weight by sweating in a sauna? Learn more…. Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more.

Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking more…. You can do a lot of prep work to make the perfect sleep environment. But if that doesn't work, here are 6 other hacks to try. Identifying your triggers can take some time and self-reflection. In the meantime, there are things you can try to help calm or quiet your anxiety….

Are Saunas Safe?

How Much Time to Spend in a Sauna. Read this next. How and Why to Use a Sauna. From then on, it became the go-to choice for experiments with healing and how the human body deals with heat, due to the ability of infrared light and heat to heat up the body without causing as much long term risk. Nowadays, there are various ways to use infrared sauna technology for health benefits. Infrared technology has come a long way in the last century and infrared saunas are at the pinnacle of that progression.

There are a number of benefits associated with using infrared saunas. Below is a list of the main benefits.

A Guide to the History of Infrared Saunas

One of the biggest benefits of saunas is that they help the body expel toxins in a completely natural way. Sweating rids the body of toxins, however, it is not possible to sweat if you are injured or unable to exercise. Thanks to infrared saunas, you can sweat even when you are injured. It is estimated that these saunas are seven times more effective as compared to the traditional Swedish saunas when it comes to eliminating toxins from the body. Another benefit of these types of sauna is that it helps balance the level of the stress hormone, Cortisol, in the body.

The heat in the sauna helps relax your muscles and relieve tension throughout the body.

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It can also help in relaxing your muscles by increasing blood circulation. It is also helpful in getting relief from joint pain or muscle aches. Infrared saunas increase the core body temperature, which leads to an increase in heart rate and burns calories at a faster rate as body works hard to bring down the core temperature. One research study has reported that a 30 minute session in an infrared sauna can lead to burning of around calories.

Additionally, infrared sauna helps improve muscle recovery as well as skin purification. Elimination of toxins from your body results in softer, clear and healthy skin.

Treatment in infrared saunas is available in a variety of levels, including near, middle and far. These levels refer to the size of infrared wavelengths and intensity of the treatment. Near infrared level is considered to be great for enhancing immunity and faster healing of wounds. Middle level is considered best for muscle relaxation and enhancing circulation, whereas far level is considered best for detoxification.

If you have never used an infrared sauna, it is recommended to start with a 4 minute long session with temperature from degrees Fahrenheit, before gradually increasing the session length to minutes.

The Definitive Guide to Infrared Saunas

Saunas offer a wide range of health benefits in both dry and wet heated sessions of treatment. They are often installed in luxury resorts and spas, fitness centers, and health clubs as an effective way to unwind. From deep rock saunas to smoke varieties, saunas essentially let your muscles relax, which can come in handy after a long week or heavy exercise.

When it comes to the various kinds of saunas to choose from, you need to consider what will best fit your needs and home. Traditional saunas involve a sectioned-off area or a small room. Within it, there is a water heater that works by electricity, wood, or gas. Heated rocks can also be used to heat up the room. Far infrared saunas use ceramics or metal to generate heat by emitting far infrared energy. The most important thing that you need to learn about infrared sauna is that they come in two types.

Far Infrared Sauna Heat Therapy and How Does It Work?

First, there is the far infrared sauna. The near infrared sauna uses short-wavelength infrared light.

Your Complete Guide to Saunas

Near infrared saunas are not so popular, so you will mostly found infrared saunas models that come with many convenient and practical features. Another main difference between a near and far infrared sauna is the fact that near infrared saunas tend to become very hot during the process. Hemlock wood is also a more appropriate choice for some people who have allergies to the natural oils found in cedar. The most common model is the infrared sauna that fits 2 people.

When shopping for an infrared sauna, you must also pay attention to the type of heaters as well, because the type of heater used at infrared saunas is an important part of the entire process. For instance, the ceramic heaters are very affordable and have a small overall volume. The drawback is that they offer an uneven heat distribution.

The Ultimate Guide to Far Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

On the other hand, mica heaters offer an even heat distribution but are very fragile and can crack easily. The carbon heaters have no downsides. These heaters offer an even heat distribution; are highly flexible and have a low surface temperature. Modern saunas are so much more than heated wood boxes. They come with numerous features meant to increase your comfort, such as speakers, temperature controls and much more. Take a look at some sauna reviews on BestSauna. We hope that our advice will help you find the best home sauna for your needs.

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