Dark Moon presents: GHOSTS!

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LaSart and Kenneth W. Cain, who are really excellent dark fiction authors.

But, if given the chance to become a vampire, I think most of us would bite. Not the hunters.


Dark Moon Presents: Vampires

Not the hopefuls. The real, blood-drinking, neck-biting fiends.

Vampires are timeless because they are immortal. And the vampires in these pages may just come back to bite you in the end. These are stories you can really sink your teeth into. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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We turn to look, but the specters sway just out of our line of vision, always behind us like our own shadows. Sometimes we feel them brush against our cheek while we sleep. Cold, clammy palms weep against our shoulders before we turn with a start.

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A chill sweeps over us. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to catch a glimpse. The white lady on the stairs raising her willowy arm to point at you.

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The poltergeist who scrambles under your bed when you flick on the light. The banshees howling like a windstorm at the front gate. And when we see them, we know.

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Something wicked this way comes.